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On the road to success don't forget to enjoy life.

work hard/play hard
Go out with friends, listen to some music, go out on a random adventure, dance around the house if need be. Just remember that free time is a must for anyone who wants to live a happy life, people's brain's need time to wind down from all that day-to-day stress in life, otherwise we will find ourselves feeling overloaded and overburdened and that is never a good feeling so go have some fun!
I'm sure the saying *work hard/play hard* was created for a reason, most of us definitely have the work hard part down to a T, but sometimes we forget to play just as hard as we work.

Reflect The Relationship

As a couple, progressing in a direction both parties can agree on is a necessity to any healthy relationship. It serves no purpose for a couple to come together only to veer in two different directions, as it will most likely end up hindering the relationship further down the line. 
So if you cannot progress with them it might be for the best that you find someone who is going the same way as you, relationships always work better when synergy takes place of chaos.

Personal freedom

Personal freedom

Personal freedom allows you to express yourself in unlimited ways, and once you gain this freedom of self you will find yourself unfazed by the judgement and negativity of others because nothing like that ever bind you again.
The strongest person in the room carries with them personal freedom, they have come into themselves and know exactly who they are, and what they want.
It's always been there for the taking we need only grab it and become unchained.

A little thing about change

change is inevitable in relationships and you know what that means, LEARN TO ADAPT hone this skill because it will serve you well forever. When two people come together over time one of them is bound to change, and being able to roll with the punches if such a shift should occur is never going to be a bad thing.   adapt adapt adapt!

If they can't stand to watch your success tell them to look away

Dealing with envy from others
Every time someone succeeds at something there is always that one person in the corner turning green at the fact that you are finally where you want to be in life, IGNORE THEM AT ALL COSTS. The type of person who spends anytime at all worrying about what YOU are doing in your life and only has negative things to say about it instead of think about whats going on in their own life is probably better off being kept from your presence.
Dealing with envy is never cool but at the end of the day personal happiness is important and anyone who is not happy about you being happy honestly needs to go.