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Is Love really That Complex?

love is complex
The complexities of love

The complexities of love


Because love is everything
it's what every human being wants, no matter how cold you are or how much love you receive and give everyday, it's what we can't get enough of
love results in all the emotions we feel
hatred is just another form of love and though they may seem like opposites, you have to love to hate because hatred comes when that person/thing hurt what you love
fear comes from love, people fear a lot of things: parents,fires, murders, disasters, other people, etc....
but you only feel scared because you're afraid of losing something you love
and it just goes on but
the point I'm trying to make is that you live to love because without it, what's the point? why the hell would you stay alive and want to do anything if you didn't love something or someone? in essence love is the precursor and the ultimate emotion a person can feel. 

When you really stand back and look at love from a distance you will notice that somehow it is both complex and very simple at the same time which i honestly just find amazing. 


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