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A Relationship Should Bring Happiness

A Relationship Should Bring Happiness
If you find that while being in a relationship you are unhappy 90% of the time, it is time to reevaluate why you are still with this person, settling for less is one thing but to settle for 90% less is not ever going to be a good thing. The fact is your happiness and the happiness of the other person involved should be paramount and this should be as close to equal as possible. If it can somehow be worked out that is great indeed, but if not happiness with another is right around the corner. 


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Two sides to every emotion

There are indeed two sides to every emotion. If you reward your lovers positive attitude with gratitude, they will present that same feeling again to you (and if they don't they are definitely not the *one*).
Showing others who one really is without exaggeration or deception is paramount in any good relationship.

Toxic Love

People like this will slowly drain you of the energy it takes to make a relationship work, (and lord knows it takes a lot of time and effort to make them work) its just not possible for a relationship to be in a good place if the significant other is constantly draining you with issues and constant complaints, fact is this type of lover won't stop until you and the relationship have completely run dry.
Never give people permission to suck you dry, make it known that such actions are unacceptable and you will not stand for it.   


Who couldn't use a well placed compliment? Compliments often make your partner feel good and everyone loves to feel good, plus it shows that you care (caring is a good thing!). Keep it genuine and never be afraid to speak from the heart. Love is a genuine compliment.