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Clingy or Effort

Clingy or Effort
Things that cling to hard tend to annoy after awhile. Don't be the thing that clings...

All this will do is suffocate any happiness you thought was going to come from the relationship.
A clinger vs the relationship is like a boa vs a mouse....this can only end one way and it won't be pretty.  
Being clingy is not to ever be confused with a person putting in effort to help make the relationship better. You and your partner need to be able to distinguish between the two.

Being too clingy ultimately works against the relationship
While putting in effort works TOWARDS helping the relationship. 


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There are indeed two sides to every emotion. If you reward your lovers positive attitude with gratitude, they will present that same feeling again to you (and if they don't they are definitely not the *one*).
Showing others who one really is without exaggeration or deception is paramount in any good relationship.

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