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Reflect The Relationship

As a couple, progressing in a direction both parties can agree on is a necessity to any healthy relationship. It serves no purpose for a couple to come together only to veer in two different directions, as it will most likely end up hindering the relationship further down the line. 
So if you cannot progress with them it might be for the best that you find someone who is going the same way as you, relationships always work better when synergy takes place of chaos.
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Personal freedom

Personal freedom

Personal freedom allows you to express yourself in unlimited ways, and once you gain this freedom of self you will find yourself unfazed by the judgement and negativity of others because nothing like that ever bind you again.
The strongest person in the room carries with them personal freedom, they have come into themselves and know exactly who they are, and what they want.
It's always been there for the taking we need only grab it and become unchained.

Stop projecting Past Hurt unto Your present Relationship

No Matter what happened in the past how is it fair to throw that upon the back of the present relationship? All its going to do is struggle under the weight. Its not fair to you nor your partner. The past needs to stay in the past so you can enjoy the present.

The 100 to 100 rule works so well in Relationships

The 100 to 100 rule.
Things come and go, seasons change, and people tend to follow suit (as they should) because change is necessary. But with that said even while in a relationship *change* is also inevitable BUT That should not mean that the love you both share should become dry like a desert in fact it should be more like a plentiful oasis within this barren world. The key to this oasis is keeping the LOVE equal nobody should feel like they are giving more love than they are receiving, so in an effort to combat this both parties must in fact give 100% to each other, I'll call this the 100 to 100 rule.

Now these numbers may fluctuate given the pitfalls and barriers that tend to hit relationships but that does not mean it should ever deplete heck in all honestly if it dips below 50% you are already giving too much and settling for way less than you deserve ( 50 to 150 is extremely lopsided and a relationship is not a place that *lopsided* should ever prosper). Simply put keep th…

Mutual Emotional and Physical Support

Showing emotional and physical support to the one you love is a must if you plan on walking into the sunset with said person. Though support may come in different shapes and sizes it will (ALWAYS) be better than showing no support at all. Nobody wants to be in a relationship where they do not feel even the slightest bit of support. All around mutual support in the relationship is the way to go because.....Love is support. 

Is Love really That Complex?

love is complex Because love is everything
it's what every human being wants, no matter how cold you are or how much love you receive and give everyday, it's what we can't get enough of
love results in all the emotions we feel
hatred is just another form of love and though they may seem like opposites, you have to love to hate because hatred comes when that person/thing hurt what you love
fear comes from love, people fear a lot of things: parents,fires, murders, disasters, other people, etc....
but you only feel scared because you're afraid of losing something you love
and it just goes on but the point I'm trying to make is that you live to love because without it, what's the point? why the hell would you stay alive and want to do anything if you didn't love something or someone? in essence love is the precursor and the ultimate emotion a person can feel. When you really stand back and look at love from a distance you will notice that somehow…

Reclaim the weapons known as wisdom & insight

With Wisdom & Insight dealing with any situation can become much easier. With wisdom comes better judgement which is gained from life experience aka learning, and with insight comes the ability to understand people and situations in a clear way aka seeing the true nature of things. Wisdom and insight go hand in hand and are powerful tools to break down any wall that may stand in your way. These are essential tools if one is to be happy and navigate this crazy world, we need only use them.