The world Pride.

Do not let pride consume you.
Pride meaning: ahighorinordinateopinionofone'sowndignity,importance,merit,orsuperiority,whetherascherishedinthemindorasdisplayedinbearing,conduct,etc. From time to time to toot ones own horn but when that feeling of accomplishment starts to become arrogance it's time to really stop and think. Pride has a way of consuming the path toward success by limiting you in many subtle ways, area's like personal growth can be affected in a negative way because a prideful person's mind believes they have reached the peak therefore they stop seeking anything higher. Overcoming pride before it consumes the person requires taking a step back and understanding that no matter how much has been accomplished there is always something more to learn. Admitting your mistakes, listening to other people's opinion on certain things, and remembering that the world will keep spinning regardless of how much you accomplish. Each one of us are indeed important but not …
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